About Us

Goh Phai Cheng LLC, is a progressive Law Corporation in Singapore that provides a wide range of legal services backed by sound legal expertise. It leverages on information technology to deliver value for money legal services to listed companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and individuals in Singapore, the region and internationally.

Goh Phai Cheng LLC was founded in 2006, by Mr Goh Phai Cheng SC, a Senior Counsel and Mr Christopher Goh, both of whom have extensive experience in various areas of arbitration and litigation gained from their experience in various government bodies and top litigation law firms.

Over the years, the practice has developed into a legal team providing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation, Litigation law services. Areas of practice now include Intellectual Property (IP), Information Technology (IT), Company, Shareholders disputes, Building and Construction, Family, Employment, Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Confidential Information and Franchising.

It also has an Intellectual Property practice, which is recognized by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) as IP Service Provider and a SCOPE IP Consultant.

With and through its wide network of legal associates in Singapore and overseas, Goh Phai Cheng LLC is a one-stop legal firm for you to seek quick and quality solutions to your legal problems. We have a network of lawyers which extends Goh Phai Cheng LLC’s capabilities to include other specialist areas like Shipping, Conveyancing and Criminal law to service its clients.

Goh Phai Cheng LLC is a strong supporter of eco-friendly efforts and uses state of the art integrated information technology to provide seamless paper and paperless solutions to provide fast, efficient, reliable and cost affordable services to its clients. With our technology, our lawyers have access to their legal resources through their iPhone, iPad and laptops 24/7. Our hands-on participation in information technology also enables you to take an active role in solving your legal problems, saving you unnecessary expenses and time.

Where traditional and experienced personal legal advice and services are called for, these are readily delivered through bespoke solutions to maximize client satisfaction.

Goh Phai Cheng LLC, Singapore lawyers providing best value and good service.