Our Mr Goh Phai Cheng, SC is listed in the Guide to the World’s Leading Experts in Commercial Arbitration, 7th Edition.

He is also listed as an Expert in Commercial Arbitration in Expert Guides, The Legal Media Group Guides to the World’s Leading Lawyers. Legal Media Group is part of the Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.

In 2011, he received an award from the Singapore Mediation Centre for his services as mediator.

Mr Loong Seng Onn, Executive Director of the Singapore Mediation Centre had this to say of our Mr Goh Phai Cheng, SC, in Feedback Digest, 24 Aug 2009:

The feedback reports for Mr Goh’s cases had indicated that a high proportion of his cases have achieved a resolution. This is due to his skills as a mediator including some of his facilitative strategies such as encouraging the parties to express their emotions and listening attentively to their cases. 

Mr Goh Phai Cheng is on Singapore Mediation Centre’s (SMC) Panel of Mediators and has mediated more than 50 cases with SMC, of which 17 were conducted in the last two years.

Mr Goh had been consistently highly rated by parties for whom he mediated. Parties who have used his services also reported a very high degree of satisfaction. Many who have been surveyed reported that he was fair, impartial and patient.

Furthermore, counsel who had appeared before Mr Goh had recommended his services to their other clients. His services as a mediator are in demand, a fact borne out by the number of mediations carried out by him in the past 24 months.

As a facilitative mediator, Mr Goh’s strategy is to encourage the parties to come up with solutions. When parties ask for his views on the outcome of litigation, he will remind them that the success of a claim or defence is not guaranteed and will depend on the performance of a witness during the trial and the contemporaneous documentation which is before the court. His experience as a Judicial Commissioner provides him with the credibility and stature to reality test effectively.


Mr Ben Ng, President of LLC a U.S. start-up company whose app is sold on iTunes App Store, has this to say about our Ms Constance Leong:

Hi Constance! Thank you so much for your help this past month, I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience working with a lawyer. Your responses to my queries were always prompt and clear, and the turnaround time for the agreement was impressive.

6 months later…It’s amazing how much has happened as a result of starting Canary, and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of it.

Dr James Teh PhD, Founder of T. Ware Pte Ltd, a Singapore start-up company that invented the T.Jacket and its smartphone app for autistic children, shares his experience working with Constance Leong:

With Constance, it’s never just about business. As a start-up, there are a lot of legal matters that are unfamiliar to us. Constance advises us from a perspective that allows us to weigh our options carefully, and at the same time learn from her experience. I would say that we have gotten crash courses in a few legal areas from her. And we met with A/Prof Daniel Fung and the whole team of doctors at the IMH yesterday. Very good meeting I must say. Thank you very much for introducing us.

Mr Samuel Leong, Managing Director of Inkjet Systems, owner of SAM★INK® trade mark registered across 6 continents, 20 countries, has this to say about our Ms Constance Leong:

Proven your mettle…STERLING SUCCESSFUL protection of a Singapore Trade Mark on Alibaba.

Officers from the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore rated Ms Constance Leong after her seminar Nuts about IP (Patents) as follows, the maximum rating being 5. We thank IP Academy for compiling this information and permitting us to share it with you:

Knowledge and practical understanding of the subject – 4.78
Effective in communicating ideas & concepts – 4.65
Able to stimulate and maintain interest of the participants – 4.53
Able to address questions raised by participants – 4.59
Overall rating of the tutor – 4.65

100% of the participants of the WSQ Programme–”An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for Non-legal Personnel” agreed that  Ms Constance Leong, as the facilitator, was  “clear and knowledgeable“.  We thank the Singapore Academy of Law for compiling this information and permitting us to share it with you. A personal note from one of the participants: 

I too have fun learning these 2 days. Thank you for making learning enjoyable. 

U.S. Patent Attorney Mr James M. Slattery of Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP, formerly a Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, commented on Ms Constance Leong’s article titled “Upcoming Changes in Singapore’s Patents Law and What They Mean for Businesses and Patent Applicants” re-published in the official publication of the Law Society of SingaporeLaw Gazette, March 2017 Issue:

Your article is well prepared and very easy to understand – good job. 


Israel Intellectual Property lawyer Dr Neil J. Wilkof of Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. and Editor of IPKat, a blog that has an international viewership of more than 31 million, commented on Ms Constance Leong’s article titled How Singapore Is Fast-Tracking FinTech Patent Applications (and making more “Crazy Rich Asians”?) published on IPKat on 16 September 2018: 

……your blog on “fast-tracking of FinTech patents” was one of the most visited posts of the last month. Well done!






Last Updated: 19 November 2018