New, Faster and More Affordable Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

By Constance Leong

11 May 2012, Singapore.

Senior Counsel Mr Goh Phai Cheng is a member of the distinguished panel of Neutrals in a new alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process called the Neutral Evaluation process introduced at the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC). The other panelists include other Senior Counsel, former Supreme Court judges Mr Kan Ting Chiu, Mr Goh Joon Seng and Mr G.P. Selvam. The main advantages of this Neutral Evaluation process over court proceedings are as follows:

  • Confidential;
  • Affordable;
  • Flexible with autonomy over timelines; and
  • The legal decision is of high quality.

For more information of the new ADR option, please click on the following: